Here are some of the questions (in no particular order) – and the answers – that have been posed to our project.  If you have additional questions, please Contact Us!

Please click HERE to view the presentation made to the Infrastructure committee on April 25, 2014.

Who is generating the engineering plans for the proposed Legacy Playground design at Greeley Park?

City of Nashua Senior Staff Engineer Elvs Dhima, P.E.

Who is advising the Legacy Playgriound project development with respect to ADA accessibility?

Travis Armes, CPSI (MRC Equipment).  CPSI stands for Certified Playground Safety Inspector.  CPSI certification trains individuals to identify hazards on public playgrounds and playground equipment, how to rank those hazards according to injury potential and how to apply that knowledge and establish a playground safety program.

What are the costs for new playground equipment, site work, and any updates to parking and the restrooms and who is responsible for them?

The Bathhouse (the restroom nearest to the existing playground at Greeley Park) is wheelchair accessible.  No improvements are required for playground construction.  The City of Nashua, of its own volition, plans to update to ADA compliance standards this summer, regardless of the location of the Legacy Playground.

The existing pathway and carriage road next to the existing Greeley Park playground already meet ADA standards so no improvement is required for playground construction.

Playground equipment and soft-landing materials (i.e. artificial turf below fixtures) are budgeted to cost roughly $240,000.  This expense will be covered by the fundraising efforts of the LGN Class of 2012.

What changes will be made to ensure handicapped accessible parking?

Four spaces are required for ADA compliance.  Four spaces exist.  Not all people with disabilities have mobility issues which require handicapped accessible parking.

How many accessible parking spots are available at other locations?

Roby Park has five spaces which serve the playground, sledding hill, ice skating rink, and ball fields.

Holman Stadium and Stellos Stadium have nine and twelve spaces respectively but are much larger venues serving thousands at a time.

Sargent Avenue has no accessible spaces.

Conway Arena has three spaces.

The Nashua YMCA has eight spaces.

SNH Medical Center has eleven spaces.

What company will provide the playground equipment?

A request for proposal will be sent out by the Legacy Playground project development team, members of whom are experienced with this type of  process through the day to day functions of their professional positions.  We are seeking a minimum of three competing bids.  The playground manufacturer Legacy Corporation has no affiliation with our project.  None.  MCR Corporation is a design and distribution company we have partnered with to help with conceptual designs for an accessible playground.  The equipment seen in those designs is from Game Time Equipment.  Both firms are aware that we will be putting this project out to bid but have graciously donated their time and resources to help us create a design for use in fundraising efforts, site planning, the creation of the RFP and for gaining approval of our final location.

Why is this playground project named “Legacy Playground”?

This excerpt from our  Case for Support – Univeral Playround should explain this:

Through their participation in LGN, the class came to appreciate the power that the collective investment of time, talent and treasure would have in leaving a lasting legacy and adding to the quality of life for the people in the Greater Nashua community.

How much has been raised and is available to be spent on the project?

To date, we have more than $132,000 in gifts and pledges to the Legacy Playground project.  The Legacy Playground fundraising committee is chaired by a fundraising professional and has members whose professional experience includes charitable fundraising.  The committee is actively producing proposals for grant, corporate and individual funding.  Key to the on-going success of the project’s fundraising efforts are identifying the final location of the playground.

What entity would be in charge of this project if done at Greeley Park?

The Department of Public Works has responsibility over this project at any park in Nashua, including this one.  This project is a gift from the LGN Class of 2012 to the City of Nashua.

Who will be responsible for on-going maintenance of the playground after it is built?

The City of Nashua would be responsible for maintaining the gift, as with any other gift to the City.  History shows us that, in times of need, members of our community step up and contribute to help with improvements, repairs and maintenance of gifts such as the Rotary Pool, Rotary Common, Holocaust Memorial, etc.  Any funds left over from our fundraising efforts as a result of cost-savings or in-kind contributions will be left in trust for the care and upkeep of this playground.


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